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Please read the following terms and Privacy Policy very carefully before completing your registration. All terms and conditions established in this agreement are accepted at the time you register your account. 10Pays15 reserves the right to update this agreement without prior notification to its members. When changes are made to the Terms of Service, a notification will be provided via email or the internal support messaging system. Any use of 10Pays15 after the notification is posted establishes your agreement with the Terms of Service. If at any point you do not agree with the Terms of Service, you must cease use of the site immediately.

No refunds or chargebacks will be given/entertained.
We have a NO REFUND POLICY! Please be aware that by agreeing to our terms of service you agree that you will not request a refund or file a dispute
. * Once you place funds into your account you can NOT have a refund!

Attempting to defraud 10Pays15 or its members by filing a dispute will result in forfeiture of any account earnings.

This is NOT an Investment site, we have a unique patent pending banner AD SLIDESHOW SERVICE! You are purchasing banner advertisement credits!

Who Can Use 10Pays15

US citizens and International users are allowed, except where membership is prohibited by law. All members must be at least 18 years of age. 10Pays15 does not discriminate based on race, nationality, disability, gender, sexuality, or religion. Specialized campaigns, programs and opportunities may periodically be offered to members residing in pre-selected nations or regions.

User Account Policy

You can have more than 1 account to place FAMILY members but NOT to join under yourself. (We watch this via duplicate IP monitoring.) Your current IP Address is [ ] If you have forgotten your user information, you can use the "forgot password" form to request a password reset or you can contact admin either via the contact form or email. You can refer an unlimited amount of people to join this site. You must have a valid email address to register with our site. All email addresses are verified and the system will not let you join without validation of your email address. Report any suspected theft of your account and make sure to use a password that is entirely unique to 10Pays15.

Members and Relationship to 10Pays15

Nothing is expressed or implied that creates any type of employment relationship between the general members or advertisers and 10Pays15. Members are not partners, employees, or sales representatives for 10Pays15. Members have no legal authority to conduct business, solicit offers, or otherwise represent themselves as a partner or employee of 10Pays15. 10Pays15 is a banner ad and text ad site. SLIDESHOW ADS are owned by US! We are NOT an Investment site or MLM program. Sales and funds made are stand alone.

* No adult, illegal, violent, and/or other inappropriate content. Must be 18 or more to participate.

10Pays15 Products and Services Statement

It is the responsibility of each individual to thoroughly research and evaluate any potential purchase of products and/or services offered on 10Pays15. You accept full responsibility and liability for any and all purchases made, and any subsequent risk or loss associated with your purchase. 10Pays15 staff will be available to assist with any questions or problems relating to any 10Pays15 product or service and may be contacted at any time.

Information Rights Policy

10Pays15 will not, in compliance with its privacy policy, transfer or disclose to third parties any information you submit during registration or any information gathered during your use of the site.

10Pays15 Non-Commitment and Limited Liability Statement

10Pays15 will not be held liable for failed business opportunities, lost monies, or any other indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages arising from or related to 10Pays15 or this user agreement. All provisions of this section survive termination or expiration of the Terms of Service. 10Pays15 makes no warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to member accounts or products or services advertised on 10Pays15. Third party links are viewed at the users own risk. 10Pays15 does not express nor guarantee any commitment toward any members, past or present. At any time, at the discretion of 10Pays15, with or without notice, 10Pays15 may become unavailable to any or all members. If such termination or access to the 10Pays15 site occurs, 10Pays15 will remain without commitment to members, past or present. Additionally, there is no representation that the operation of 10Pays15 will be without errors or downtime, and we are not liable for consequences of interruptions or errors in the sites performance.

Spam Policy

Sending unsolicited email to people, asking them to join 10Pays15 without any prior contact with you is strictly against our policy. If we receive a complaint against you for spamming, we first verify that the Spam incident did occur and then we may delete your account.


You will indemnify and hold harmless 10Pays15, its parent companies, affiliates, customers, vendors, officers and employees from any liability, damage or cost (including reasonable attorneys fees and cost) from any claim or demand made by any third party due to or arising out of your access to the Site, use of its Services, or violation of the Terms of Services by you. 10Pays15 may disclose personally identifiable information if required to do so by law.

Miscellaneous Provisions

This agreement will be binding on, and enforceable against the parties and their respective successors and assigns. Past failure to enforce any provisions of the Terms of Service does not waive our right to enforce any such provisions at any time.

This Terms of Service agreement is a valid legal agreement between the registering party and 10Pays15. By registering your account you agree that you are bound to all stipulations found in this agreement and that you have read and understood all terms and conditions listed. You assume all risks and liability arising from your activities conducted on 10Pays15.


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