How would you like to get paid every time that one of our members purchases a new share?

No Problem, You've Got It!

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The obvious question you might ask is "How can we do that?"

The answer is extraordinarily simple and will prove to be a huge banker for every activated member!

Each time a member purchases a new share the cash is *shared equally* between the total number of previously sold ad packs! This means that absolutely every single activated member gets a share of the pot, no more waiting to cycle or missing out, you get paid instantly each and every time guaranteed! No fuss, no muss!

But wait, it gets even better still! You get paid on each ad pack you buy which means that if you buy 2 ad packs you get a double share! buy 3 and get triple! buy 4 and get quadruple! buy more and earn absolutely insane amounts of cash and your ad packs will rack up money fast!

Every activated member gets paid every time! We know that you will agree that this is a surefire winner and will make 10Pays15 the greatest ad revenue sharing network program ever! You will even earn money while you are in bed, just login in the morning and check out how much new cash you earned while you were sleeping!

Sponsoring is not required to be paid but please just stop for a moment and consider the details below.

Unlike other programs where if you sponsor you earn a small referral bonus and simply help someone else who is next in the queue to cycle, this program will be solid gold to the sponsors and here is why: When you sponsor you get an instant cash bonus (OK, that's pretty standard, so what's special about this?)

Get paid *3 levels deep* (Earn referrals from your referrals!) Then on top of that all of your ad packs mature and bam your account fills up with crazy amounts of new cash! Traditional programs pay the sponsor a small percentage to help other people, but we pay you to help yourself as well as every other member in our program. You can then earn from people you bring in that sponsor others, so if you bring in your team leader you could be flooded with cash.

If every member brings in just one person it will double the membership and the pot, bring in 2 and triple it, bring in 3 and quadruple it and it goes on and on! Instant cash from your shares flooding into your account every time a member activates or purchases additional shares. This is why we call it 10Pays15 because every single activated member truly does share in it.

We believe that everyone knows at least one person that they can sponsor, most people will know many more people. Even if you don't have an email list it is still simple to earn money from sponsoring and track the number of clicks and memberships your referral link generates. Our software tracks every single click to your link for you.

If you don't have a mailing list no problem, you can still easily refer others by posting ads in forums, blogs, including your referral link in your forum signature, advertising on autosurf sites or banner exchange sites, don't forget Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Skype, Yahoo, Snapchat, Kik, Instagram, Google Spaces and other Social Media and chat platforms, the possibilities are absolutely endless!

We believe that this makes it 100% fair to absolutely every member every time and no matter whether you join last or first you will still always receive your full share! Imagine that even if only 1 person joined per minute, that would be equal to getting paid 60 times an hour which is 1440 times a day everyday! This has all the ingredients of being the greatest cash maker ever!

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